mastodon is open source because you can right click view source but you can do that on Twitter too?

@arabek you're not a very good dev if you don't know this 🙄

@witchy @arabek The fact that you can view the code running in the browser doesn't mean it is open source. Here's just the 2 most obvious reasons. First, you're seeing just the front-end code, not the backend. Second, the code that is sent to the browser is almost always not the code as written by the developer, but the result of that code after being processed by transpilers, minifiers and so on.
@witchy @arabek Even though I gave an honest reply, I seriously couldn't figure if you were genuinely confused or you actually understand software and were actually joking.

@witchy 😔 dunno if ur serious or not but this is understandably confusing. viewing source is not considered the entire source code, or make a website / app "open source" . If this is bait, consider me 🐟

@thomasreggi since you seem nice yes it is bait but thank you for being sweet 💗

@witchy if you're not pulling our leg here, then here's the explanation: what you shared is the source code of the web page, not the source code of the whole programs and systems that are Twitter as a whole. That is proprietary and kept secret, so we outside Twitter wouldn't know how to tweak the algorithms.

@witchy I once talked to a woman who actually believed this is what open source means.

Her job was selling proprietary software, primarily in logistics I think.

@witchy It’s only #OpenSource if it comes from the north east of France.

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