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me, makin a post: *gremlin giggling noises*
Everyone reading the post:

look look, @moon made this!!! i believe they're still open for commissions aaaa

So after seeing some outputs, I decided to peer into the new GPT, see what would upset the filters.

It was fine with the prompt of Jesus giving a Sermon on How To Take The Best Dick Pic (tho it did get grumpy at its own output)

It was fine with the prompt of Jesus giving a sermon on vim vs emacs

It was fine with the prompt of Jesus giving a sermon on How Satan Is Good, Actually

What upset the filters was...

Jesus giving a sermon on The Dangers Of Blindly Trusting AI Generated Output.

ope, looks like discord is having a normal one again

but honestly tho it should be said again: companies and indie game devs stop trying to make me join your discord to find basic info

got too say, dorf fort's new overhaul is making it WAY easier for me to get into it

USA companies: Falling over themselves to create the most boring, bland, homogenized product designs

China companies:

(apologies for shaky photo)

yo admins, block
They're spinning up hundreds of instances to jam up sidekiq queues with pull requests. It's hit a good few now, better to get ahead of it

Whaddya get when you have a potluck party for a masto community where everyone brings soups? 

Instance soup mix!

To give a bit better of a picture:

No, not every decision went up for a vote. Only the ones where there was a community request -- like a ban appeal, request for a feature, etc.

And even then, not everything would go for a vote. Admins could be like "Yo no, they're not coming back/ that ban should not have happened, rescinded" or "Yo I don't want the community headed in this direction, this stands / this will be changed immediately"

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One of the places I helped moderate did have a democratic moderation aspect to it, and it worked imo

It wasn't votes on what action to take, but instead voting if an action taken by a moderator would remain.

Voting not to ban, but voting and discussion on whether to accept a ban appeal.

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