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:flag_genderqueer: hello my name is jonas aka jojo :flag_genderqueer:
im a queer dude and use he/they/yo
my alt is
by night i am an advocate working on a hotline for survivors of SV (feel free to dm if you need help finding resources!)
by day i am an artist who likes 🅱️ideo gams and second life
i do not proofread so if you're confused by something i wrote, just ask! if ive made a microaggression please let me know so i can do better!
:heart_trans: :heart_aro: :heart_pride:

technically you can do mrbeast hypnosis findom rp in fortnite now

Meta, Fediverse moderation 

If your Code of Conduct (Ethics?) sets flagrant bigotry as the bar for intervening to protect vulnerable people from a poorly run instance...

... and requires consulting _both sides_, even in egregious cases...

... and mandates a month long process before taking any action...

Then that Code is a hazard, and fundamentally unfit for a rapidly evolving Fediverse.

That is my most charitable take on what I've seen the "United Federation of Instances" publish.

i need to stop listening to this depressing music, im gonna listen to joy division, thats happy right *looks directly at the camera*

i dont like to talk about growing up poor because that one time i did on monads someone reported my post with a screed about "how im not hood"

@dankwraith :blank::blank:​ e :blank::blank::blank::blank::blank:​ e :blank::blank::blank:​ E :blank::blank::blank::blank::blank::blank::blank:​ e

im glad that i could brighten everyone's lives and ruin skelly's by introducing everyone to outlaw :outlaw:

"i love that cops can catch criminals while also knowing the routes i regularly travel while also definitely keeping all that data probably via an nsa program" yeah dude that fuckin rules dawg hi five

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saw a youtube comment of a dude who thought license plate readers were cool and were "glad [the police] had them" and im still thinking about him hours later

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