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staring at a blank google doc with the words DARK CATHOLICISM, DARK BUDDHISM and DARK ACADEMIA

oigen is a person of many contrasts, for example, he's a dipshit

its kinda different from 3 years ago tho. theres way more nazis now

im a little jaded, you see i've been trapped on here with these white demons for 6 years

i hope we actually get the whiteness problem solved this time around. this looks exactly like it did 3 years ago and its teh same shit. white dumbasses thinking they know better

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i hate to see these white people hosting megathreads on racism

thanks for explaining it i guess, i certainly would never have known what racism is without you breaking it down in a 50 toot thread

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love to see instances in the replies agreeing with you that have long blocked me for doing "race based trolling" on white users

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i realise it comes across as lecturing when told to people who've had a bad experience on here, but mastodon is not 'an app'. there is no central authority, and no 'community', capable of exerting pressure on all instances here

I've got that nagging urge to delete everything and vanish into the ether again

There are lots of POC who have been in the Fediverse for years raising problems, so all this white innocence about how “we didn’t know this was a problem” is bullshit.

Also we are the species that worked out the mass of the Higgs Boson but you guys want me to believe that the problems people have been raised can only be solved by instance hopping and blocking? Lol ok sure, Karen Jan Chad

Starting over on a new platform (or more than one) is so exhausting. Especially as a chronically ill woman of color.

I need online community in order to feel connected because of how infrequently I leave my house.

And it's difficult to find my people again and process so many feelings about what it's like to enter a new space, yet again.

#disability #ChronicIllness #TwitterMigration

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