that horse wearin' jorts

it's the bejorted horse i did for

Ever want to be a vtuber?
Ever want to be a bat?

For $10, you can!

2 color choices!
Fully rigged and ready to use!
7 toggle-able expressions!
Ear physics!

Use it for streaming, making videos, zoom and other video calls, and more!




4 templates to choose from!

🎄 $25 each
🎄 Single character only
🎄Character ref REQUIRED
🎄Any species
🎄Flat color
🎄Furry and Humanoid characters OK!
🎄Guaranteed done before Christmas

Ko-fi supporters get a discount based on membership tier!

Shibari/kinbaku piece done for the Street Fight Radio zine's SEX issue

CW - NSFW, nudity, rope bondage

flatwoods monster

originally done for the Street Fight Radio zine's CRYPTIDS issue

since it's here's sabocat style gumball I did for Street Fight Radio a few years ago.

If you're a fan of the Street Fight boys, you might recognize this as the logo commonly seen on their twitch channel, overlays, stickers, and shirts

since i mentioned it earlier, here's a NITW piece i did several years ago and hbomberguy tossed me a few bucks to give him a wallpaper sized version

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