suspended because the admin puts up way too much resistance when users ask them to do something about an apparently prominent transphobe who is on the instance

if you are in charge of a community, especially in a space where there are many LGBTQIA+ people along with other vulnerable, marginalized individuals, any hesitation when it comes to banning and deplatforming known bigots means you are endangering members of your community, as well as any community that interacts with yours

this really shouldn't be that hard

it's frankly disturbing to see so many admins struggle to make these decisions. if they're incapable of it, they have no business being in charge of a group of any size

"i have to leave it up to my users to decide"

no you don't. you're acting on their behalf. you don't need input. you need to act.

"we don't want this to become an echo chamber"

you can have diverse viewpoints in your space without giving a platform to those who are hostile and pose a legitimate threat to vulnerable folks

you're making excuses. you're putting people at risk who trust you

do your job or step down to be fair they have the right to let whatever users they want on their instance

Just as you and everybody else have the right to block them out of existence

@feinzer they do, but they also need to make it clear to their users where their loyalties lie so that those users aren't forced to exist in the same space as those who may wish or do them harm true, it's not fair to market yourself as a safe space for a group of people while also hosting the same space for the people against them

@extinct What I’d like to share to help with decisions: — 1% predators can drive away 100% of a subgroup without most people outside that group even noticing.

@aquaqueer i have no idea. i'd never encountered it until this week, but if it is, even more reason to defederate that nonsense

@extinct @aquaqueer they currently have an account for the head of the Scottish police federation, and one for the spf itself.

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