you do realize you can mute and block people and instances on an individual user level, right?

if you see someone saying something you, personally, subjectively, don't like... block them. you're done.

reporting them as if they'll get banned from the fedi is both stupid and also just makes them remember you/your instance for being an annoying pants-shitting baby

save reports for REAL shit, like bigotry and violating actual stated rules of an instance, not for petty disagreement

@extinct The only upside to reporting ridiculously benign things you don't like as opposed to people breaking rules is we can make fun of you publicly for doing it. And we will. Potentially for hours.

@doot i love to roast people who demand to speak to the manager because they feel like they were entitled to more sauce packets

@extinct I will approach reports about me with the respect and dignity that they command, and will ensure that the perpetrator named in the report will be dealt with in a manner I see as suitable to the offence.

@doot @extinct uh oh more reports came in gonna have to go back into the automatic spanking booth

@extinct I had someone today take the time to carefully report to me 21 posts on my instance.

Of a bot. That I run. That content warns everything it posts. Whose profile name is "Swear Clock". So they had to click through all of this sick filth they didn't want to see, that a literal child would understand was probably going to be quite sweary and offensive, to tell me that they don't want to see it.

Obviously I've suspended myself and defedded my own instance for good measure

@extinct and just to follow up on this, when you report it will send the report to your instance admin and the moderators of the instance the person is from. So it helps us all work together clean up the rule violators and work with other instances.

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