what the fuck is up

i'm extinct. :batsquish: i'm that little purple bat you've likely seen being a dumbass somewhere on this website

i'm an artist by trade, shitposter by nature

i'm hella old, hot as hell, have no gender, and identify as a threat

i've been a professional illustrator for 20 years; my living is made entirely through art, and i will draw (almost) anything i'm paid to. my commissions are pretty much always OPEN

my main forte is illustration, though that doesn't narrow it down much as i can draw ~pretty much anything~ i'm asked to, from anime chibis, to furries, to mechs and everything in between.

i post a lot of WIPs but almost always tag my finished work with

i also make models via Live2D and assets for vtubing such as props, backgrounds, overlays, emotes, etc and you can find those on my ko-fi shop

been on fedi since 2017, ran from 2018-2022, and am now theytriarch of

i'm a movie watcher, with a reputation for watching really bad movies for shits and giggles. sometimes i write about what i watch:

and, of course, i listen to music a lot, and you can see how many times i've listened to HEALTH:


@AdorkaStock thank you! i've prided myself on being at least proficient at a variety of styles and media

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