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I've never felt my bisexuality "threatened" by other m-spec identities. Can we all kiss now?

this image is like 3 years old but its only become more relevant somehow

qual dos quatro cavalos do fediverso você é


type of guy who refers to activity pub as "the pub"

Quero livros falando sobre o movimento antimaniconial no contexto brasileiro alguém me ajuda?

I also keep a list of tankies. it's called "the homies"

Tumblr wanting to pay artists with "exposure" is so on brand for Tumblr

I screenshotted this post like 2 hours ago and intermittently ever since I'll think "dice GOKUUUUU y explota" and start cackling

im the nonbinary bisexual lesbian dating a man that tumblr warned you about

(espero que seja bom to com saudades desses donghua esperando a segunda temporada)

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